Fine jewelry for adults inspired by anime & Chinese mythology.


fortune & frame

Fortune & Frame is a New York City-based jewelry line known for pieces that hold fortunes, love notes-to-self and other messages from the universe. Each item in the Fortune & Frame line—from idea to sketch, wax to mold, casting, assembly, and finish—is conceived of in NYC and then handcrafted in Manhattan or Bali.



COVRY is a premium eyewear brand for women and men designed to celebrate diversity. The sunwear and specs collections are designed for comfort with the brand's exclusive Elevated Fit®. Each frame has been individually designed in Brooklyn and handcrafted with quality materials.


家 jiā

Mindful, Conscious Colors.

Each piece is hand dyed and sewn in my Brooklyn studio. I especially enjoy the slow process of natural dyeing and my products are only made from natural fibers.


rail + River

Rail + River makes unique, handmade neckwear and accessories for men. Our ties and pocket squares are made from fabrics carefully sourced from around the world, then handcrafted right here in New York City. 



The Soukenberi line takes it's inspiration from everyday life; from the change in season to the smell in the air right before a thunderstorm, to the people who appreciate the special and unique things. Not only do our products smell and feel wonderful, they are beneficial too. 


Zine Hug

We are a group of artists and friends that combine our powers to create a big group hug! Our goal is to foster an open community of friendliness, encouragement, and creativity. We want to provide affordable artwork that we make ourselves.


Hu is Hungry

Hu is Hungry is a stationery and gifts brand celebrating our daily connection with food through illustrated products.


jocelyn tsaih & kevin li

Jocelyn Tsaih is an illustrator and designer that creates fun products based on her drawings. Kevin Li is an illustrator and animator that also makes pots and mugs.


Adorn New York Inc.

Adorn New York Inc. is a cutting edge New York based jewelry company specializing in unique and innovative handcrafted accessories. Each design heralds the truth that a woman can do anything, be anything, and achieve anything with exceptional style. 


Taruni's Garden

Origami artist specializing in paper floral arrangements and sculpture.



In 2009, we built our first robot whose sole mission was to track down items of coolness. Along the way, our little bot found its wings and was born. Today, we continue our goal to bring a collection of the world’s hippest products to our favorite people—you! From plush to backpacks and home accessories to electronics, there's something for everyone.



Circle bags and accessories using high quality Japanese materials. All items handmade in NYC by Kazumasa Takai.


Brooklyn Tea Imports

Brooklyn Tea Imports sources single-origin, whole leaf teas directly from farms and individual tea processing masters in China. We specialize in serving Gong Fu Cha - literally "tea made with skill." Come visit our booth for a tasting experience with explanation of the many varieties of tea, or to purchase loose tea by the ounce and in bulk.



Baala is an embodiment of passion and pride. Our jewelry is vibrant and versatile. Some of our products have minimalist appeal, while others are bold statements of individual intensity. The aesthetics of our jewelry are influenced by everything ranging from Nepali festivals to newly discovered solar systems.



Channel your alter ego in our handcrafted headpieces and jewelry, inspired by our favorite paintings, films and books. Everything is made-to-order and handcrafted in Brooklyn, NY. Due to the handmade and made-to-order nature each piece is completely unique. 


PM Box

PM Box is a collaboration between New York based designers Stephanie Lin and Jenny Peng. The work includes designed apparel as well as digital prints with influences from the artists' personal experience and culture.


Instant Rabbit

Instant Rabbit is made up of three Korean illustrators' collaborative artworks and produces various goods to share their aesthetics with the public.


Mingei Japan

Masako creates fashion works of art by taking fabulous,
vintage silk Kimonos and giving them new life as Kimono scarves,
blouses, jackets and accessories. All of our pieces are hand-made,
and our vintage Kimonos are hand-crafted with hours of labor-intensive
techniques such as Yuzen hand-painting, hand-dying, Shibori tie-dye,
and stencil-dying.


Noriko Maeda

Noriko Maeda’s contemporary Japanese calligraphy explores the expressive capacity of language in today’s world of information. Through various forms of media ranging from framed pieces to greeting cards, Noriko’s work enriches moments of expression in your daily life.