January 01, 2018

Local Artist Hosts Pop-up Fundraiser in Support of the Charles B. Wang Community Health Center  

NEW YORK, NY - January 1, 2018: NYC-based artist and designer Ellen Su is hosting a pop-up fundraiser on Saturday, February 10  (11am - 6pm) and Sunday, February 11  (11am - 5pm) at Artist & Fleas in Soho, located at 568 Broadway New York, NY 10012.

The two-day event will benefit the Charles B. Wang Community Health Center (CBWCHC), a non-profit federally qualified health center providing comprehensive and high-quality health care services to everyone regardless of ability to pay in five convenient locations in Manhattan and Queens. Ms. Su, a Chinese American, has been a life-long patient of the CBWCHC and recognizes the critical role it plays in the New York Asian American community. She intends to use this event as an opportunity to give back and hopes to raise $10,000 toward the CBWCHC’s new expansion project, Healthview, in Flushing, Queens.

The pop-up is hosted at Artists & Fleas, a collective retail experience committed to community, discovery and delight in shopping – featuring art, design, fashion and vintage from 150+ independent merchants. At Artists & Fleas, independent artisan businesses gain access to brick and mortar retail space and shoppers discover emerging talent. Founded in an empty Williamsburg warehouse on N. 6th Street by Ronen Glimer and Amy Abrams, Artists & Fleas has hosted thousands of merchants and buyers since opening its doors in December 2003.  

The Lunar Market aims to feature locally made jewelry, apparel, artwork, homewares and body care products crafted by Asian Americans or inspired by Asian cultures. There will also be stations where guests can donate directly to the CBWCHC. Following the event, participants are invited to an evening closing reception with music and guests will be treated to refreshments provided by our sponsors and raffle prizes on Sunday, February 11, 2018.

Sponsors include Artist and Fleas, School of Visual Arts, Tsingtao Beer, Soto Sake, Sinovision, Pearl River Mart, Banana Magazine, mochidoki, Hi-Chew and Apple Sidra. If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, please contact Ms. Su at pixiujewelry@gmail.com. To make a tax-deductible online donation to the CBWCHC, please visit http://bit.ly/CBWCHCimagine. Donors that contribute $25 or more in the tribute name of “Lunar Market” will be invited to the closing reception.

For decades, health centers have been providing access to primary medical, dental and behavioral health care to more than 27 million people across the nation. However, many health centers are beginning to face challenges such as site closures, workforce reductions and service eliminations due to the expiration of a major source of federal funding. Healthview aims to change this outlook and create a primary care access point that will improve the quality of life for its community. During its first three years of operation, it is projected to serve over 25,000 new patients and provide long-term employment opportunities. To learn more about Healthview, please visit www.cbwchc.org/ImagineTheFuture.asp.




紐約市本地的藝術家及設計師蘇靄霖將於2月10日星期六上午11時至下午6時及2月11日星期日上午11時至下午 5時,在曼哈頓百老匯568號 (568 Broadway New York, NY 10012) 的Artist & Fleas Soho舉辦一個短期籌款活動。





此活動的贊助者包括 Artist and Fleas、 School of Visual Arts、 青島啤酒、 Soto Sake、美國中文電視、珠江百貨、 Banana Magazine、 mochidoki、Hi-Chew 及蘋果西打( Apple Sidra)。如果你有興趣成為贊助者,請聯繫蘇小姐 pixiujewelry@gmail.com。如果想要通過網絡向王嘉廉社區醫療中心捐款以減免稅務,請瀏覽 http://bit.ly/CBWCHCimagine。以「Lunar Market」的名義捐款25美元或以上的捐贈者,將獲邀請出席2月11日星期日傍晚舉行的閉幕招待會。


數十年來,全國的醫療中心已經為超過2,700萬人提供基本醫療、牙科以及行為健康護理服務。但是許多醫療中心開始面臨各種挑戰,例如醫療中心關閉、工作人員減少,和作為主要經費來源的聯邦撥款到期而終止服務 。 Healthview的目標就是要改變這些現象並為社區民眾建立基本醫療服務點 ,提高社區的生活質素。這所醫療大樓預計在開始營運的頭3年將為25,000多名新就診者提供服務和創造很多長期就業機會。要瞭解更多關於 Healthview 的詳情, 請瀏覽 www.cbwchc.org/ImagineTheFuture.asp.